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Monday / May 20.
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New Mexico Awards Contracts for Statewide Tutoring Initiative

The New Mexico Southwest Regional Education Cooperative (SWREC) and the Public Education Department are awarding grants designed to support students across the state who are struggling academically.

Four vendors were selected to provide “High Impact Tutoring” services to New Mexico’s students through the end of the school year. According to the SWREC, funding for this program was appropriated by the legislature.

In the Request for Proposals (RFP) issued by the SWREC, High Impact Tutoring “is data-driven tutoring led by trained tutors who hold small group sessions during the school day. By providing personalized attention with a recommended 1:4 tutor-to-student ratio, high-impact tutoring supplements classroom instruction and helps students build confidence, master challenging subjects, and achieve their academic goals, without having to use household resources or arrange for tutoring outside of school hours.”

The state awarded contracts to Varsity Tutors, Air Tutors, One on one Learning, and Tutorfly Holdings to begin tutoring services through the end of the current school year.

In order for students to receive these free tutoring services, their school district must agree to participate in the program and select one of the four vendors. From there, schools will work with vendors to determine which students can use the support.

Students will receive 60 to 90 minutes each week of in-school tutoring, targeting the areas a student needs support. School districts will work with the vendors to identify students in need of support. Participating school districts are required to choose a company to partner with – the program has already been paid for by the state – and will have until the end of the school year to deliver tutoring services.

Representatives for two of the selected vendors spoke with New Mexico Education about their plans for the tutoring program.

Varsity Tutors to Expand Educational Reach

Varsity Tutors, a tutoring vendor with over 17 years of experience in the tutoring sector, plans to utilize its extensive network of over 40,000 tutors to deliver high-impact, high-dosage tutoring across New Mexico. The company’s approach focuses on consistent, structured tutoring sessions designed to complement traditional classroom learning.

“With the grant, we are expanding our services to provide no-cost access to high-quality tutoring for all school districts throughout New Mexico, focusing on key areas such as ELA and Math,” explained Anthony Salcito, a representative for Varsity Tutors.

The program includes features like 24/7 live chat support, weekly progress assessments, and access to a rich library of resources including AP-level content and elective courses, ensuring diverse learning opportunities for students at all levels.

According to Salcito, the tutoring sessions are structured around the Science of Reading and Structured Literacy, which he said emphasizes phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehensive reading skills. Varsity Tutors’ program not only targets academic performance but also aims to build long-term educational resilience by integrating these sessions within the school day to minimize disruptions and maximize learning outcomes.

Salcito said that if the grant becomes available for the next school year, Varsity Tutors will reapply.

Air Tutors to Implement Targeted Instructional Programs

Air Tutors will use its grant to implement a focused tutoring strategy that addresses the specific needs outlined by the New Mexico Public Education Department.

Starting in 2016, Air Tutors has been at the forefront of online education, specializing in personalized learning experiences that adapt to student needs.

Hasan Ali of Air Tutors highlighted the company’s plan to target underperforming schools and students who are most in need. “Our goal is to elevate students to grade-level competencies and beyond, using a model that emphasizes small group learning and consistent, measurable interactions with tutors,” Ali said.

Air Tutors’ program is especially designed to cater to the diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds of New Mexico’s student population, incorporating bilingual tutors and culturally responsive teaching materials.

Ali asked that interested school districts, teachers, and student families reach out to him at to see about getting Air Tutors in their child’s school.

Ali said that if the grant becomes available for the next school year, Air Tutors will reapply.

Both Varsity Tutors and Air Tutors are committed to providing extensive training for their tutors, according to their team leaders.